Trip to College 

I went to the Simpson college.  If I had to pick what the best part of the trip, I would pick the bus ride. It was fun. We were laughing the whole way there and back. I was kind of amazed about the animals that they had on display. They had a giraffe skeleton, a rhino head, some fish, a polar bear, and quite a few other ones. I cant really name them because I forgot already. I think it would be pretty fun if I went there. I loved it when the art professor came and talked to us too. I didn’t know anything about the left and right side of the brain. It was pretty interesting. When he passed out the pens and postcards, I didn’t know that the picture of the car was painted. I thought it was just a picture until i looked at it closer. I also loved the food. It was yummy. Food is life!

The campus was big in my opinion. It felt like we were walking in circles because all the buildings looked the same to me. Our tour guide said something about the music building being shaped like a piano or something. I don´t know exactly what she said because I wasn’t really paying attention.

Genius Hour

For genius hour, my topic is hair growth. My partner and I picked this because we want to see if certain things effect your hair growth. We wanted to see if the “rumors” were true. What rumors? Well, haven’t you heard that avocado will supposedly help your hair grow, if you put your head upside-down and massage certain things in your hair, that will help too, or any other weird things that might work ? We are just trying to figure out what all helps the best for your hair to grow or which one will show definite results. We are hoping to figure out what hair masks work best, which ones show amazing results, and which ones don’t work at all. We will know which one works the best by either measuring our hair or by taking before and after pictures. Hopefully at least one of them work. You will never know unless you try though.

Raise Your Voice…

I think that we should learn different things in school. When we are living on our own, we don’t need to know algebra. Instead, we should learn about basic life skills. A couple things that we could learn about is sewing, cooking, how to change a tire, and so on. The teachers always say that we are doing this to help us out for when we live on our own. Why should we learn about stuff that won’t help us in the long run?

Sewing would be a good thing to learn.  It would be good for the environment, because you wouldn’t have to buy everything that you need. You could just make a shirt or something. Another reason why sewing could be a good idea is that you could easily fix a piece of fabric that has a tear or a rip in it.

We should learn how to cook, so that we don’t have to eat the same thing everyday. If you only knew how to make one thing you would have to eat that certain thing over and over, because you wouldn’t know how to make anything else.

If we know how to change a tire then we won’t have to call for help if we have to pull over on the side of the rode.

I want to be a cosmetologist when I grow up. In my opinion I don’t think that I need to know all the stuff that the teachers are teaching us. I would have to learn a few things like the scientific hypothesis. Most of the things that we need to know is common sense.